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What if I told you that you can create amazing success and abundance in your life without the stress, anxiety, and overwhelm?

You've worked hard all your life to be successful. 

But you're tired of thinking that you should be more productive.

You're tired of thinking you should be doing more.

You're tired of wondering when things will finally be easier - your work, your relationships, your fitness, your weight.

You're tired of the self-criticism, the sense that there's something better out there, or that you should be better in here. That if you were good enough, you wouldn't have self-doubt or fear "screwing it up" - or fear being "found out."

You're tired of feeling that what you do, and who you are, is not enough.

You have one life to live, and you want to live your big bold badass authentic self.

Build A Life You Love

Let's stop the perfectionistic self judgment that you’re not doing enough, or not doing it as good as you should be.

No more second guessing yourself.

No more spiraling because you don’t know what you should do next.

No more thinking "I should be able to do this - get that job, lose that weight, find the life and happiness I want."

I Can Help You:

Heal your past so that you become the hero of your story.

Figure out what matters most to you.

Take action in achieving your dreams with confidence, self trust, and ease.

Feel better, more empowered, and less overwhelmed.

Create a life where you have absolute trust in yourself and in your ability to figure out and achieve ANYTHING you want. 

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I know how it feels. I've been there too.

I spent most of my life thinking there was something wrong with me.

I knew I was smart and hard working. A first-generation Mexican American, I was the first in my family to go to college and earned an Ivy League Ph.D. and a tenure-track job.

But why did I still feel so insecure? Why was I feeling so much anxiety? Why did I feel like an unworthy fraud who could never be good enough?

I learned that success wasn't about being book smart or hard working. It wasn't about figuring out the right thing to do in order to feel worthy, successful, and valuable.

It was about paying attention to how I talked to myself. Through life coaching, I learned to hear my thoughts AS thoughts - not as truth.

You, too, can learn to identify your self-sabotaging thoughts and develop self-trust, confidence, and ease and create the life you love.

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Find out what others have gotten out of one-on-one coaching with me:

"Thanks to Susie, I made big strides in making decisions to proceed on what matters to me - and in feeling really good about my decisions. 

I gained awareness that I was tying my value to 'being productive' and kept telling myself I wasn't doing enough.

I also had a breakthrough in how I was relating to people. I realized that I was making others' inaction on certain work projects mean that those people did not value me or my work. 

What was most surprising is that I thought life coaching and therapy might be redundant – but it’s not. It’s different. Coaching is more problem-focused. Therapy is more looking at patterns in your life. Coaching gave me the practical side of what I can do NOW and what actions I can take today to move toward my dreams."

- Shannon J., College Professor

"When I came to Susie for coaching, I was trying to figure out what do do for my career. Deep down I knew that I was worth more than my current job was giving me. I'd done some market research in order to justify a pay increase, but I was scared to tell them what I think I’m worth and ask for it. I also wasn't sure if this job is one I should stay at, or if I should look for another job or go get my Ph.D.

Through coaching, I saw that I was focusing on all my limiting beliefs. And thanks to Susie, 'Stella got her groove back!' I started actually applying for jobs instead of just looking for jobs, I hired a company to help me redo resume to get the jobs, and have now applied for several jobs and gotten interviews. I'm dealing with rejection far better than I ever thought possible and have the confidence to talk with more people and make connections that will get me the career I want."

- Aimee M., Contract Management and Procurement Operations

"I learned through coaching that I'd been stopped by my own fear of failure. My motto was 'lower expectations and you will never be disappointed' – but that left me only willing to get scraps. I now expect 100% from others (my partner, my job) and from myself and I get much closer to achieving the things I want in my life. I was selling myself short, and now I have permission to dream big.”

- Brandi T., Medical Librarian

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