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I help high achievers with anxiety and imposter syndrome FEEL BETTER.

No more being stopped by anxiety, spiraling in overwhelm, or self-doubting yourself! 

Let me show you how.

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I help high achievers with anxiety and imposter syndrome FEEL BETTER.

No more being stopped by anxiety, spiraling in overwhelm, or self-doubting yourself!

Let me show you how.

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Does this story sound familiar?

Once there was a smart, accomplished woman who loved to learn, grow, and take on big things. She did great in school, went on to higher learning, and believed she would have an amazing life and career. 

But something began holding her back.

The more she took on, the more anxious she felt - and the less confident she became:

  • She started to question herself and her capabilities.
  • She started to feel like an imposter and feared telling anyone about her self-doubt.
  • She began to fear that her dreams were bigger than her capacity.

If this story sounds like yours, I get it - and I'm here to help.

Susie smiling and standing on a rooftop in Durham NC in front of the Lucky Strike Tower

Hi, I’m Susie Castellanos Hansley, Ph.D.

(I go by "Susie" - welcome to my webpage!)

I'm a life coach and speaker with over 30 years of experience helping people make their dreams a reality.

I got my start as an English professor teaching and mentoring students for over 10 years.

After leaving academia, I helped individuals and organizations clarify and achieve their goals as a contracts and proposals writer for a major corporation.

Although I was fantastic at what I did, anxiety and imposter syndrome were preventing me from enjoying my life, relationships, and career to the fullest.

Then I discovered the one thing that changed everything for me:


This work was so impactful that I left corporate and became a coach for others like me: people who are smart and love to learn and grow but feel stuck and unable to fully achieve their potential.

Now I help others achieve their dreams with confidence and certainty as both a speaker and life coach.

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What Past Clients Have to Say About Coaching with Me:

Shannon J with a pit bull dog

Shannon J.

College Professor

"Thanks to Susie, I made big decisions to proceed on what matters to me - and in feeling really good about my decisions. 

Coaching gave me the practical side of what I can do NOW and what actions I can take today to move toward my dreams."

Aimee M. - Contract Management and Procurement

Aimee M.

Contract Management and Procurement

"I was trying to figure out what do do for my career. Deep down I knew that I was worth more than my current job was giving me.  

Thanks to Susie,  I have now applied for several jobs, gotten interviews, and have the confidence to talk with more people and make connections that will get me the career I want."

Brandi T. - Medical Librarian

Brandi T.

Medical Librarian

"Coaching helped me uncover a belief that had been stopping me in my life: 'Lower your expectations and you will never be disappointed.' It left me unable to ask for what I wanted and willing to get scraps.

I now expect 100% from my partner & my job - which is giving me the relationship and career I've always wanted. 

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