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Hey There! I'm Susie, and I'm the Stress LESS Coach.

I help professional women stress less and achieve work-life balance WITHOUT giving up on pursuing a successful career.

Let me show you how. 

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I help professional women stress less and achieve work-life balance WITHOUT giving up on pursuing a successful career.

Let me show you how.

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Does this sound familiar?

You're a professional woman who wants work-life balance - without giving up on your career goals OR on having a real life outside of work.

You want to feel productive, fulfilled, and like you're kicking ass - while still having time and energy to enjoy relationships, family, friends, and life.

You feel AMAZING when you're productive, get things done, find your flow, and achieve your goals.

(Like a badass superhero, am I right?)

But there's a problem:

 You have TOO much to do and not enough TIME (or energy) to do it.

There're too many expectations and demands coming from work, family, friends, and society at large - and you keep feeling like you're dropping the ball. 

This leads to stress, overwhelm, and feelings of self-doubt:

  • You secretly think, "I should be handling this better" and wonder if there's something wrong with you because you're so stressed and unable to keep up.
  • You don't sleep well¬†and wake up each morning feeling¬†behind - and end the day feeling the same way.
  • You're afraid to admit to others that you're overwhelmed - because they'll judge you as inept or¬†as not having your s**t together.

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Here's what's so:

There's absolutely NOTHING wrong with you and your efforts.


Society's unrealistic expectations that you should be able to do everything perfectly, all the time, without ever feeling bad or stressed out or tired.

You DESERVE to have a life you feel good about - WITHOUT having other people or society judge you or tell you that you should be doing it differently.

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Susie smiling and standing on a rooftop in Durham NC in front of the Lucky Strike Tower

I get it - and I'm here to help.

I’m Susie, and I'm a life coach for professional women who are ready to stop overstressing and start living a joyful life - WITHOUT giving up on their career goals.

A high achiever who was first in my family to go to college, I earned an Ivy League Ph.D. and got a tenure-track job - then burned out and left academia.

That's because I kept taking on too much, was scared of admitting I was having trouble handling thing, and generally felt a lot of anxiety and imposter syndrome. 

I now get to help other professional women drop stress & anxiety and create life-work balance that enables them to achieve not just their work goals, but also their relationship and life goals.

I've helped hundreds of people reduce stress & anxiety and create fulfilling lives through 1-on-1 coaching, keynote speaking, & workshops. 

  I can help you do the same - so you can create the fulfilling career, relationships, and life you want while feeling GREAT doing it!

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Ready to STOP stressing and START creating more work-life balance?   

1) Book your free 1-hour Stress LESS call.

2) Come to the call and share what's stressing you out.

3) Leave the call knowing how to feel more in control of your work, relationships, and life - WITHOUT giving up on your career goals.

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Book your free "Stress LESS" Call

What Past Clients Have to Say About Coaching with Me:

"Susie taught me how to keep bringing my A-game to life while toning down my perfectionism and hyper-independence.

Professionally, I stopped taking on everything and started delegating and saying no to things that are not my job.

In my personal life, I stopped feeling like I had to do everything and started trusting my husband¬†with more¬†home and kid duties ‚Äď even if he didn‚Äôt do it as ‚Äúperfectly‚ÄĚ as I did.

My work and family life feel more balanced - and I'm actually accomplishing MORE with less stress!

Samantha Fortner
Senior Technical Lead, Google

"I've gotten so much control and freedom from working with Susie, and I'm so thankful.

I used to let others’ perceptions of how I should be drive me. It made me too hard on myself and others - and caused me a LOT of stress.

Now, I’m far more kind to others AND to myself and am enjoying life. Part of that kindness means saying what I want and not fearing others' disappointment - and it WORKS!

I’m much less stressed and am accomplishing MORE of what I want in the process: time with my family, taking care of my health, AND being a leader in my industry."

Lorena Cordero
President, Crosby and Associates

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Ready to PERMANENTLY reduce stress and overwhelm and create that work-life balance you've been craving?

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We'll identify your stressors and how to deal with them so you can get off the hamster wheel of stress and create life-work balance - WITHOUT giving up on your professional goals.